Hamilton wins GermanGP against all odds

The stars aligned on Sunday to give Hamilton an epic, against-all-odds win at the GermanGP. The Briton, who was resigned to mere damage-control after a disastrous classifying round relegated him to the 14th position, managed his fourth victory at a GermanGP, matching those of legendary Schumacker. With this victory, the leadership of the championship changes once again as Hamilton climbs from 8 points behind to 17 points ahead of Sebastien Vettel.

A combination of rain, luck and of course, the undisputable skill of the British driver, made the miracle happen. Hamilton takes Vettel’s coveted home-win just as the German did to him two weeks ago at Silverstone. The Silver Bullets also go back to top the constructors’ championship, eight points ahead of Ferrari, and get their first double podium at home.

How the race unfolded

After a clean start, Vettel, who had the pole, kept the lead for the first 25 laps, followed by Bottas. Raikkonen managed to push ahead after the first round of pit stops while Hamilton, in one of his herculean come-backs, had climbed to sixth position by the 11th lap. 

At lap 42, Mercedes, in a strategic decision which finally paid off, decided to change Hamilton’s tyres to the fastest ultra-soft ones. Soon after, the first drops of rain started to fall, a decisive element in the unfolding of events that followed. Hamilton quickly realised his chance: “I saw the cloud coming and then it started to spit – and as soon as it started, I was like, ‘Yes, this is going to create the opportunity at the right time.’ And, Jeez, it did.”

As many were called into boxes for a change of tyres, Vettel slipped on the wet track and crashed against the barrier at lap 52. Amidst the commotion and subsequent Safety Car, Bottas and Raikkonen were called to pit. In a chaotic moment, the Mercedes’ team ordered Hamiton to abort his pit-stop at the last minute, and the British driver had no choice but to cut across the lawn from the entrance to boxes and back into the track.

After the race and the finding of some crucial mitigating factors, the stewards decided to let Hamilton off with a reprimand. Hamilton took the lead and the victory, with team-mate Bottas coming in second and Raikkonen third. Red Bull’s Verstappen arrived fourth and Hulkenberg got the fifth place with Renault in his homeland. 

Another breathtaking race right in the middle of the season and with just one more to go before the holiday break. Mercedes is now back at the lead of one of the most disputed Formula1 championships in years, but if there’s’ something we have learned this season is that everything is possible and there is still a long way to go in the battle for the title.

By T.C. | Photo: www.formula1.com

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