Engine oil, an essential ingredient for the protection of four-stroke engines

As the MotoGP, the most spectacular motorcycling competition in the world, gets underway, we are increasingly coming across the term ‘four-stroke engine’. We frequently hear about the power of Dovizioso’s Ducati or the hundredths-of-a-second short that Honda and all other constructors are from catching-up with the Italians, etc. The chief motorcycling competition is a prime example of the so-called four-stroke engines.

This type of engine is not the only possible one in motorcycles but it is the most common, having now overtaken by far the two-stroke type. Four-stroke engines are more reliable, they last longer, and produce less environmentally harmful emissions. The four-strokes are also more efficient and reduce fuel consumption.

Such characteristics however, as it is the case with every different vehicle, demand an engine oil that matches their needs and which is adapted to their requirements. MatraX Lubricants has a specific range for such engines, the MatraX Sintesis 4T, with products such as the MatraX Sintesis 4T 15W50 and the MatraX Sintesis 4T 10W40. As their name indicates, both these lubricants are synthetic-based and are recommended for four-stroke engines, specifically for those of medium and large engine sizes.

Their specific characteristics allow the MatraX Sintesis 4T to maintain their level of viscosity under the most extreme circumstances. This, among other benefits, facilitates a cold start which in turn protects against wear.

The engine lubricant also contributes to the correct functioning of four-stroke engines thanks to its detergent and dispersing properties which help to keep the engine clean. On top of this, the friction coefficients of the MatraX Sintesis 4T reduce the premature deterioration of clutch discs.

The 15W50 is also carefully formulated using only selected base-oils and a package of last-generation additives designed to enhance all of its properties even more.

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