NASCAR | Truex steps up pressure on Kyle Larson

by R. Madorran – photo: | Last weekend the Kentucky Speedway saw another installment of NASCAR’s epic battle between Kyle Larson and Martin Truex Jr., with the later taking the chequered flag after an electric end of race. Truex also closed in to just one point from Larson in the final classification and was left with a considerable margin of Play Off points (28 against 13). The best part of the race was certainly the ending. In the final, most exciting  moments, the yellow flag came up due to Kurt Busch mechanical problems and the final outcome developed in extremis. “It’s just… this is completely unbelievable” said the winner at the end of the race.

That yellow flag at just one lap to the finish line changed the scenario of a race that Truex had dominated comfortably until that point (152 out of 275 laps on the lead and triumphs in the three Quaker State 400 stages). The driver from New Jersey and his team decided to push the limits and stay out on the track rather than going to pit for fresh tyres. Soon after, Larson, who had stopped to change his tyres, lined up behind Truex’s Toyota 78, but the latter managed to surge past the car in front of him and open enough distance to hold the lead until the end proclaiming himself victorious. A rather reckless strategy that paid off and made for a very exciting ending: “I thought we were dead,” Truex admitted. “I thought we were done.”


At Kentucky, Truex scored his tenth win of the season and left a most dramatic classification standing at just one point from the leader Kyle Larson. Both will come face to face again next at the the Overton’s 301 on Sunday the 16th of July at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway circuit.

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